My last electro e.p. [PF004]
Released 2009/04/27
Have you grown tired of annoying electro sounds that keep you and your neighbors up and dancing till late? Then maybe this release is just what you need! Klarsk's last electro e.p. could as well be your last electro e.p. Play it as many times as you want, but don't forget to keep your promise. Just think how relaxing the upcoming minimal tunes of your future will be. Download it now and put and end to that electro vice. And leave a comment at our site (www.pastedfuture.com) just to say thanks for making your last one a very short e.p.

1. Sacudiendo terrazas

Download (320Kbps - 15MB - 6:42 - downloaded times)
2. Nudo

Download (320Kbps - 8MB - 3:27 - downloaded times)

Download Full Release (VBR - 13MB - downloaded times)

Download Cover Art (JPG - 0.25MB - downloaded times)